The Economic Club of Africa in New York (ECANY) is a non-profit, global business platform fostering public-private partnerships and resource mobilization.

We are a network of senior leaders and experts dedicated to global trade, finance, development, and public policy. Part of our core mandate is to foster meaningful connections and cultivate a deeper understanding of Africa’s position in the global economy.

ECANY boasts a diverse membership base — comprised of seasoned business leaders, policymakers, leading academics, scientists, diplomats, and global development experts.

From time to time, we convene senior public and private sector leaders to foster innovation and move the needle on key resource mobilization and development challenges. Club members are offered unfettered access to an elite network of top-tier decision-makers.

A foremost clearing house and trusted knowledge hub for cutting-edge insights on strategic resource mobilization, we engage in both in-house and external research on a range of topics. The ECANY platform is dedicated to strengthening commercial ties and deepening policy exchanges between Africa and other regions of the world. 

With deep roots in the world’s financial capital, ECANY’s strategic convenings continue to foster meaningful interactions and outcomes.

We are headquartered in New York City.